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Commissioned Art

Of all of the compliments I've recieved during the course of Spells and Whistles' existence the vast majority of them have been on the art. As such I have decided that it's time to start branching out and flexing that artistic muscle, if you will.

Perhaps you play a role playing game and would like an avatar or you just really like one of the characters in S&W. Maybe you'd like to give someone else a gift of art but have no artistic talent of your own. Whatever the occassion may be, I'm sure that I can fulfill your artistic needs in a professional and timely manner. 

The point of doing commissioned work is not to limit the options of the client (although I'm certain the large majority of you are interested in S&W related work,) so I want to be clear that if it's within my ability to create you should feel free to inquire about it. However, there are a few stipulations to this statement:

The first concerns pornographic images. I personally have no problem with pornography or those who indulge in it, but my name and the characters in my comics are not something I can afford to have attached to it. So when it comes to porn, don't bother asking because I won't do it.

The second concerns the use of copyrighted materials in the requested piece. Much as you might like to see Gabe from Penny Arcade kicking the crap out of E'los it's not gonna happen. I've had more than my fair share of trouble with copyright issues and don't wish to experience more.

Finally I reserve the right to refuse any project for any reason I see fit. This is not something I forsee having to do but I will exercise this right if I feel that it's necessary. Just something to keep in mind.

Now a discussion of rates. The flat rate for original art is 20 dollars an hour USD (the first 20 due up front to ferret out serious customers). The clock is only ticking when I am working on your project and stops ticking when I am finished. The favored method of delivering original art is by email in the form of a large lossless jpg file in CKMY format (for ease of printing). However where applicable I can accomodate those for whom this method is not practical. You will also recieve by mail the gift of any sketches or concept art involved in the creation of the your piece. The majority of work is done digitally so the accompanying concept art will be little more than pencil sketches on bristol board (coffee stains and all :) however, it will be signed by me.

The rest of my fee will be due upon completion but before receiving the art. I will notify you when I have completed your project at which time you can deliver your payment (the prefered method here is by paypal but I can give you my mailing address if that is not an option). Expect prompt delevery of the art as soon as your payment is recieved. Should I not be able to complete your project for any reason, your down payment will be refunded.

When appropriate you can make payments here:

If you wish to inquire about commissioned work you can reach me at

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